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It never occured to me that someone might not know how to make a  sunny side up egg until my sister and her husband had this “discussion” in my kitchen.

Sister:  “You make your eggs too rubbery.”

Sister husband:  “You use too much oil and deep fry your egg.”

As a disclaimer, I have to say that I understand that sunny side up eggs generally are yellow and are not cooked on top, but I don’t consider this egg “over easy” because I don’t flip it and the cooked layer on top still has some of that gooey goodness of the sunny side up egg.  So, for all of you egg deep friers, and all of you rubbery egg makers, here’s how I make my sunny side up eggs.


An egg 😛

1 tbsp of oil

4 tbsp of water (roughly)

soy sauce to taste (or salt if that’s what floats your boat)


1.  Get out your non-stick shallow frying pan.

2. Turn up the heat to medium low. I can’t stress enough how important it is to cook your eggs on medium low heat. High heat will make your eggs get that disgusting plastic like, brown edge that’s almost inedible.

3. Add your oil.

4. When the oil is hot, add your egg.  See how the edges are slowly cooking towards the center instead of bubbling like a crazy egg?

5. When the egg has somewhat stabilized add your water.

6. Then quickly covered it up with a lid to steam!  Can you see the steaming? I wish I had a better camera sometimes, or maybe someone who could take the pictures as I’m cooking. It sucks to be constantly picking up the camera at every freaking step. Anyway.

7.  Watch your egg because the top of the yolk will steam white pretty quickly.  Then voila! (I don’t know how to do accents off hand on my keyboard, so I just won’t.) You have a perfectly soft, delicately scrumptious, oozy gooey, sunny side up egg.

I like my eggs with soy sauce. I’ve seen people eat them with ketchup or salt, but I’ve never gotten into it. Nope, soy sauce it is for me, and soy sauce it’ll always be.

NOTE: I broke the steps up like crazy. This isn’t hard or complicated. The entire process takes about 3 minutes including taking the pictures and heating the pan:)



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